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CoinJar Offers Bitcoin Hedged Accounts
"Bitcoin volatility is a major headache for merchants who wish to add the new digital currency to their list of payment options. CoinJar, an Australian company is looking to alleviate merchant and user concerns with hedging accounts that mitigate the risk of holding bitcoin, by fixing the fiat exchange rate. CoinJar’s hedging accounts will feature a variety of fiat currency options such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros.

When a user purchases bitcoin at a specific price, for example $200, their hedging account will be credited with exactly $200 worth of bitcoin, regardless of how wild the exchange rate for bitcoin becomes. If a few days later the bitcoin exchange rate has become $222, then the user will have a approximately 0.9 btc. The user’s account will always contain the amount of bitcoin that was initially purchased, adjusted for the current bitcoin exchange rate....."


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