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CoinHD's Bet

I'm just going to explain how CoinHD's bet came along, for those of you new to the forum.

Every week we have a competition for Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The past weeks, we've been having a tournament of 3 games, and the last game this week was Pacman, which is ending tonight. Then we start a new tournament for this week coming up after the other one ends. These tournaments require 10 quality posts (meaning not spam).

CoinHD thought he had this Pacman game for the tournament in the bag, so to speak, so he dared anyone to beat him with a bet of .005 BTC to anyone who placed higher than him (then he raised the bet to .01 BTC).

Rob, the wonderful owner here, added on .01 BTC to whoever gets first place!

Neither of those prizes require posts.

Hope that clears that up for anyone thinking they need posts for CoinHD/Rob's prizes (you don't) and happy gaming!

Pacman Game

Congrats CoinHD for the high score and your profile award, Pacman King! [Image: pacman.png]

Thanks, it's very nice to look at.Big Grin
After wasting countless hours of my life playing Pac-Man as a youth, I couldn't help but taking on the challenge and seeing what I could do.

I played that stupid game until my fingers hurt and couldn't get close to that high score.

Pac-Man King badge is well deserved. 

Thanks Tsquared

I only played Pacman for 1 week as a child in 1993 on a PC and then not again until 2007, when I somehow got hooked on it.

Actually, there was a streaming TV site called TVshack dotnet that had the game. (it was their only gameSmile)
I used to play it while waiting for the show or movie to buffer...I guess that's how I got so good at it and became their Pacman Champion.Big Grin
Well, I'm an old timer, and I can tell you there was a national shortage of quarters when this game hit the arcades! I personally dropped enough quarters to sink a small ship, but it's not like riding a bike, that's for sure.


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