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CoinDesk Survey: Is the Bitcoin Community Just Young, White and Male?

CoinDesk (@coindesk)

It’s a common observation: the bitcoin community largely consists of young, white males. But to what degree is this actually true? Just what percentage of those interested in digital currency matches this description?

To find out, CoinDesk has launched a new survey to determine who exactly makes up the bitcoin community and the demographics with a general interest in digital currency.

The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but will lead to a greater understanding of the community.

You can complete the survey below, or in a new tab.

Well I'll be adding to that observation since I'm young, white and male lol.
(03-15-2015, 04:49 AM)Ryan Wrote: Well I'll be adding to that observation since I'm young, white and male lol.

Yeah, just trying to get it out there for an accurate representation. Gotta do my part being one of the few females out there....

Yeah that's understandable, it would be a pretty interesting read when the results are published. I think you'll probably find that there are a lot more females in the wider Bitcoin/Altcoin community than you probably think. However it is a male dominated industry, most of them probably don't identify as being female for what should be obvious reasons.

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