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Closed Competition  2500 GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Coin GiveAway
2500 GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Coin GiveAway
Information on GlobalBoost-Y
50 GlobalBoost-Y
Rules & How To Enter
1.You must have a minimum of 5 posts to enter this give away
2.To Enter you must post here how you heard of GlobalBoost-Y and EngageBtc.
3.  Download our wallet here. http://globalboost-y.com/
4. Post wallet address.
I will send the coins from my wallet.  These are coins I mined, our coin is NO ICO, NO IPO, or any of that stuff.
When Will The Contest End?
The contest will end when I have given all the coins away.
Good Luck Everyone!

First Round paid out. Tell your friends. Still 1950 BSTY to give out.

Paid qualified addresses and the giveaway is over. Check back for another giveaway plus more news. Thank You for participating.
Visit http://globalboost-y.com/ First Yescrypt CryptoCurrency (CPU Only)
@wigitgetit on Twitter
I actually heard it from EngageBtc while posting my faucet rotator.

If you ever have a GlobalBoost-Y faucet let me know and I'll be happy to add it. Big Grin

I heard from twitter Big Grin
BSTY addy : YC2YAxD5MmPC5cLG7f9RdCFTmupXo1SDgA

Thank you Smile
Best Regards,
I heard GlobalBoost-Y of forums bitcointalk
and cryptoinfity I heard from a facebook group, then there is my friend who posted about the info on Alternative-cryptocoin and about giveaway.

Thanks Smile
I heard about EngageBtc at bitcointalk forum , And GlobalBoost-Y at EngageBtc .


I saw Rob posting on BitcoinTalk and followed his link here, to find out about EngageBtc.

And I just heard of your coin now, here, but I will go tweet your tweet and hopefully spread some more knowledge and get more people here. Smile



I had heard about your give GlobalBoost-Y from EngageBtc and I had find out about EngageBtc from google.

BSTY: Y6Y9Cf3gdqryZUAY7c5ydx5fLynGbXzkvX

I heard about GlobalBoost from my big brother https://twitter.com/NetworksManager, who has been working like a slave for all of us since he returned from Europe in February 2014. Him and my Dad https://twitter.com/OldMajorPorter had the vision for the company over 3 years ago when they trademarked GlobalBoost. But @NetworksManager was traveling the world, and had no time to develop the company until his return.
We are are really excited about where GlobalBoost is going. I can tell you there is much more in development that is not even public. People talk about investment... I can personally attest to the 1000's & 1000's of man hours from the entire GlobalBoost development team. And the 1000's 1000's of dollars that have been, and continue to be invested in building this revolutionary platform.

WigitGetit, please give the $BSTY to my https://GlobalBoo.st online wallet Smile

And keep up the good works guys!!
Also thanks EngageBtc!

You can ping me anytime at https://twitter.com/HardCoreAds
Please use my referral link to signup free at main site https://GlobalBoo.st?James
I am at work now and not near my cold storage wallet. I should be able to get payments out this afternoon Central Time Texas. If you want to spread the word about GlobalBoost-Y tweet or post on forums. We have some great products, and we want everyone involved.
Visit http://globalboost-y.com/ First Yescrypt CryptoCurrency (CPU Only)
@wigitgetit on Twitter
Heard about BSTY from EngageBtc and find out about EngageBtc from Twitter

My BSTY wallet address: YLNJ7KjY14q4iCATW44zNrkuT6E7ysifj7
Thread close

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