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Chicken-3rd-Last Post Wins Doge [Ended]
A normal last post wins, of course is if you're the last person to post you win.

Here's the spin, I set a random date and time (I'll show the timestamp after they end), and the 3rd-to-last person who posted in this thread wins 3,000 DOGE!

So you have to play chicken with the others, and believe (hope) 2 other people will post after you.

Have fun!

Looks like I'm gonna be the third to last poster on the thread.....did you want my addy now?   Smile
(03-09-2015, 12:01 PM)falconr Wrote: Looks like I'm gonna be the third to last poster on the thread.....did you want my addy now?   Smile

When the time comes, I'll post that it's over, announce the winner, and then I'll take the address for the payout. You only need one more post in the thread to be 3rd to last now, lol.

Well this is one heck of an oddball game!Rolleyes
Another chance and some free "stuff"....woo-hoo!!
Right before this post was posted, I would have been the winner if it was over right now, so I'm bumping it up. If no one else posts before it's over CoinHD will be the winner. Keep posting people. Good luck guys!

hopefully that is on me! hehe
my refferals on rollin gets 0.001 on first 0.01 wagered 

This game was set to end on -> Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 2:13:12 PM. This was the countdown I used: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150312T141312&p0=1986&msg=76576376

So the third to last post at that time was Falconr! Congratulations. Post your Doge address, and I'll send out 3,000 doge.

Everyone, remember the Last Post Wins thread prize is 2,000 Doge and that is still going until the random (unknown to everyone but me) time I set at the begnning of these two threads, so get your posts in on it if you're not the last post right now.
Thank you Rob, MMH, and everybody at EngageBtc.....the 3 K Doge are most welcome indeed.  Wink

Oops, my addy would probably help:


Thanks again guys!

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