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[Bounty#3] Earn The Video Reward And Free Dogecoins
[Bounty#3] Earn The Video Reward And Free Dogecoins

Earn the Video Award

The award will be shown in all your threads and posts as well as your profile. 
You will also be paid 1000 Dogecoins for each video you submit. 

Create videos about EngageBtc and upload them to video sites like YouTube.
Use Catchy titles like 'Win Free Bitcoins On EngageBtc' 

Make sure you include the word EngageBtc and once of the currencies in your title 
Example - Free Doge at EngageBtc

Once you created your video and uploaded it post the link here. 

By completing this bounty you are helping the community grow and supporting us by helping us to advertise well earning some coins at the same time.  
[Image: pinBanner468_60.gif]

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