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(BOUNTY 1BTC+) Crypto-ripple integration
06-27-2014, 11:35 PM
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(BOUNTY 1BTC+) Crypto-ripple integration
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ninobrooks Wrote:This is a personal project of mine but I also just discovered a bounty here. This provided the impetus for creating a github for this project (coin daemon connector for gateways).

The goal is to create Node.js modules (connectors) using the existing frameworks (ripple-rest api, rippled api, gatewayd, Node.js) to allow gateway operators to easily add and automate support for cryptocurrencies like Doge, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin, Silkcoin, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. They mostly use the same rpc calls so it really shouldn't be that darned difficult.

It IS, however, for me, since I haven't done much javascript coding and have only recently delved into ripple beyond the web UI. That being said, I've built the listeners and am developing parsing for withdrawals.

I've contacted a couple of exchanges that support ripple and asked for their help (and offered my own), as well as anyone I know of who has expressed interest in this feature, posted my intent to collect (and share) the bounty, and of course been hacking away at it myself. See the above linked github. I have also written to Steven Zeiler who's expressed interest in collaboration and would like to see/implement a Doge gateway (Yes, I just name-dropped. We got a bad ass over here), so I'll be asking him to get this repo added to ripple's others. See github for non-social info.

Anyone who would like to contribute, just dive right in. Please *heavily* comment your code. Also please bear in mind the goal to support *all* possible coins OOTB so hard-coding anything coin-specific is highly discouraged.

About the money! :
The bounty will be divided according to arbitrary measurement of contribution and will be opt-in (submit your ripple address and extend a trust line to receive).

Full disclosure:
This code will be GPL v3 (unless we need to use a different license to resolve licensing conflicts with RL) and I personally intend to launch a ripple-based exchange and issuer to bring many more cryptocurrencies to ripple. Besides pursuing the bounty, I am seeking any additional funding I can find (read: Please donate XRP!).

My ripple address:
DOGE: D7U9VyJsStZ23MPgTr2TxGLj4bdfs69b8e
LTC: LgaoNgSNxJwyno61edyRUz2ZKFkgPQYV5t
BTC: 1K2BZ3XxpRNiNissEHoVcrCv3tEqEsHP28

Donate to the project or get to the github and dive right in to get a piece of the bounty!

Also, the mentioned exchange will be embracing the EngageBtc community from the start, seeking site-exchange integration so you guys can trade there from here, without even leaving the site. Cause your devs and admins here are the shit.
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