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Awesome site! FREE 0.005 btc for 3 hours.
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Introducing Betmoose!
[Image: 9xtfv0yhd.png]

The World's 1st P2P Bitcoin Prediction Market
Bet on anything with anyone and turn being a "prophet" into "profit."

For The Next 3 Hours Only
Want a FREE BET?
The minimum bet is 0.005 btc so if you do the following, I will send you 
0.005 btc so you can make your first bet to see how the site works.

1. Go to the following link...  http://btcx.cc/signup
2. Sign-up with a free account
4. In that email, send me your pay to btc address.
5. Within 24 hours, I will send you 0.005 btc with the hope you make a bet.

Who will get pregnant first? Miley, Lindsey, Amanda, Vanessa or Salena?
Will Mit Romney Run in 2016?
What will the bitcoin price be until Dec 31, 2014? Will it drop below $300, above $600 or middle?
Will BTC ever go below $299.99 in 2014
Price is Right "Guess the Price of BTC Sunday"
Bet the ebola infection rate

It is truly a brilliant site. You can host your own bets. So, want to have all your friends bet on who will win a certain video game or who will be first to get a girl pregnant?  You can bet anything with anyone! It is also a very safe site.

When you sign up, you input your receive btc addy. This is awesome because if the site is hacked or someone steals your user name and password, all they can do is withdraw coins to your btc address. Very cool site, check it out... 

And you have 3 hours from now to email me if you want your free 0.005 btc.  The time is 6:36 am PST so if I receive the email and you have signed up via my link by 10:00am PST then I will send the 0.005 btc. 
Only two people responded so I can help a few more with free bets
How fast are the bets come to realize. As these are "cool" bets but we won't know for some time. I don't see waiting forever to get a bet -_-.
im click this link and page not foud 404 why ?? this over or no ?
(01-21-2015, 10:17 AM)isen99ono Wrote: im click this link and page not foud 404 why ??  this over or no ?

Here's the betmoose link: https://www.betmoose.com I dunno how it will work out with his special, but the site Bet Moose is still up.

404 error :O if this offter is still valid please provide us a valid link Smile
my refferals on rollin gets 0.001 on first 0.01 wagered 

(01-25-2015, 03:42 PM)katerniko1 Wrote: 404 error :O if this offter is still valid please provide us a valid link Smile

I'm going to lock this thread, since the original poster hasn't come back and updated their thread, which was started in November, with a valid link. But for anyone wondering about the site they're linking to, it still works here: https://www.betmoose.com

Thread close

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