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Allcrypt.com Hacked through WordPress

AllCrypt.com is down for a bit

Update: Spent the last 16 hours scouring logs. I believe I know what happened and how. I'll post full details as soon as I know more. The site is down, for now, completely, until I can assess the damage done. I'm not even sure there is anything to bring back up.

Older notice:

Well, due to some apparent exploit in wordpress, someone, somehow, got into the server tonight, installed some files, and managed to empty the goddamned BTC wallet. Best I can tell it was something with that worthless pile of shit software wordpress.

I'm fucking done. I run a site, spend thousands of hours of time, thousands of dollars of my OWN money to run it, decide to shut down, and somehow, through ways I cannot even figure the hell out, someone gets in, uploads files to the server, somehow finds the goddamned BTC wallet on the network, and it appears that they slammed it with withdraw requests. Of course, the wallet is locked - but it unlocks when a withdraw is legitimately made through the site. I THINK they made a real wd on the site, and then slammed the backdoor to get the other funds out.

We had 42 BTC in the wallet. 12 was the sites. 30 was users BTC. I'm fucking done with crypto. I'll post details when I sort this fucking mess out. Not that it will matter, because no one ever actually gives a shit when something like this happens.


"Update: Total loss seems to be about 37 BTC. 10.86 was site "profit", 24 was user BTC, and 2 of it was the Charity fund. Nice"


"Source of hack was mkting director's blog/WP account hacked through PW reset. Trying to find how THAT happened. Full details posted soon"
WOW, I had some coins on AllCrypt but no BTC.  Wordpress seems to have it's faults as people seems to keep finding exploits with it. 
I'm glad I never used that site...but it is becoming apparent that nothing is nearly as safe as we think it is!

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