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[ANN][XCO] X-Coin | SHA256 | PoW/PoS | No ICO | No Premine | Unique POS

No premine. No IPO.

  • Block time: 60 seconds
    Difficulty retarget: every block
    Min transaction fee: 0.01 XCO
    Confirmations: 10, maturity: 100
    P2P port: 14641, RPC port: 14642

Proof of stake
  • Min stake age: 8 hours, Max age 24 hours
    Block reward: 3% interest per year + 10 coins + transaction fees paid out every time you find a block
    Your reward before the fees is averaged up to the nearest 0.999
    Max reward 20 coins per block before the fees
    To maximize staking yield, combine your inputs after receiving a stake for 0.01 +fees
    0.01+fee reward means your inputs have split too much (or your input is too small). Send your coins back to your self to combine your inputs so you can have a bigger input. If you are staking a small amount of coins you will get this low reward too because the input is too small.
    Transaction fees are earned by block finders

Proof of work
  • Algo: SHA256
    Block reward: 500 XCO, no halving
    Max height: 30000 (after this network will not accept PoW)
    Transaction fees are paid to miners

Please donate to further developement XQLAnof6ftmMXDTJFKsKrAKUGCb2MtmzLE



Sell or buy XCO for BTC on Bittrex https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-XCO
Sell or buy XCO for DRK on C-CEX https://c-cex.com/?p=xco-drk
Sell or buy XCO for BTC on C-CEX https://c-cex.com/?p=xco-btc
Sell or buy XCO for BTC on Yobit https://yobit.net/en/trade/XCO/BTC

Dice game https://yobit.net/en/dice/XCO


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