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200+ Bitcoin & 100+ Dogecoin, + Many More Alts Faucets in Sortable List
(02-01-2015, 04:52 AM)Ryan Wrote: Geez can tell you've been busy. Keep up the good work!

Getting the average payouts took a couple of days. The second page was abour an hour or two, since it uses the exact same database.

I still have plans to do the same for the doge coins, so that will be a little project too.

Thanks. Smile

In case you were unaware, we have a button on our site the "Crypto Unit Converter," you can use it to convert between satoshi, bits, millibits, and Bitcoins, and their equivalents for Litecoin, etc.

[Image: UnitConverter.png]

It's designed to be small, so you can keep it open in a separate window, while you work on/read other things.

We now have a VIP faucet rotator option on our rotator page: http://makingmoneyhoney.com/rotator/btcVIP.htm

It only lists those faucets that have no warnings, popupads, and are currently paying out, and that have an average payout of 300 or more satoshi every hour. That doesn't mean you'll get 300+ on each one, just that the average is 300 or higher per hour.

You should add http://free-unlimited.wc.lt/ too your Bitcon Faucet list
(02-11-2015, 04:45 PM)Kiefner Wrote: You should add http://free-unlimited.wc.lt/ too your Bitcon Faucet list

I added it thanks.

We added a couple of rotators to our site today

[Image: faucetrotatorDark.png]

[Image: faucetrotatorPeer.png]

Already had these, but here are their links:

[Image: bitcoinfaucetrotator.png]

[Image: faucetrotatorL.png]

[Image: dogefaucetrotator.png]

We now have 26 DASH Faucets all in one place:

[Image: faucetrotatorDASH.png]


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