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1000+ Members Big Thanks To Everyone
1000+ Members Big Thanks To Everyone

Hey guys and girls, I want to thank everyone for supporting our crypto currency community. Today we hit 1000 registered members and happened to be the highlight of my day.

We started this community a little more then 7 months ago with a plan to help the world get introduced into crypto currency and to give everyone a safe place to share experiences and learn from each other.   

I have enjoyed every step of the way all the ups and downs only made us stronger. 

Thanks again guys and lets set a new goal to hit 10k Registered members. 
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You should give away 1,000 BTC to celebrate!
(12-04-2014, 01:14 AM)Username Wrote: You should give away 1,000 BTC to celebrate!

I just might do that if you will cover 999 of the BTC to give away.
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